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Mr. Barry S. Band

Welcome to Third Ward Elementary Web Page. We are proud of our school and the many advantages that we have to offer. Some of the things that we are doing this year are listed.

1. Careers

Children are exposed to different careers all during the school year through classroom discussions, presentations during guidance classes and whole school activities.  We believe that it is important to get students thinking early during their school career about the many avenues they can take in life.  We want the children to realize that a good education provides a basis for their future success.

2. Computer Lab

Every class goes to the computer lab three times a week for a half-hour each time. The major emphasis is on Reading and Math. Each student works at his/her own pace. The computer is very important in providing basic skill development and enrichment.

3. Computers in the Library

Each class goes to the library at least once a week. The students are encouraged to read books. Also available in the library are four computers hooked up to the Internet. Parent volunteers assist students as they surf the web. We want every child to experience what the Internet has to offer but we want it to be safe.

4. Principal's Pride

Every Tuesday we recognize a student from each homeroom. Specialists ( Phys. Ed., Music, Speech, Extended Lab, etc. ) also recognize students. A student does not have to be perfect. Nor do they have to get a 100%. All they have to do is care. Care about getting to school on time, getting their work done, helping someone else, etc. All students recognized for Principal's Pride come down to the office to receive a certificate and a handshake from me. A special Principal's Pride board is located in the hall. Every student recognized has his or her name listed next to their teacher's name.

5. Parent Teacher Organization ( PTO )

We have an outstanding PTO. They help out with our Teachers Assistance Program ( TAP-25 volunteers ); Read Aloud Program-21 volunteers; Party Committee ( parents and teachers working together to design a fun learning party ); Playground-Parents who are working to design and improve our existing playground; Living Science Center-Parents who are interested in not only making the plantings beautiful but a learning experience for the children; PTO Meetings-There are on average 100 -150 parents who attend monthly meetings; Fund Raising-The PTO earns over $10,000.00 a year to put back into the school. We could not do all of the exciting things that happen on a regular basis without our parent's support.

6. Community Involvement

We have four business partners.  Each one supports the school in many different ways. Our business partners help us provide resources for the school that would not be possible without their help.
  Davis Trust Company – Provides money for our BEARS (Be Eager and Responsible Students) Program – Students are rewarded when they are “caught being good”.
  Wendy’s – Provides free lunch to all honor roll students each marking period.  Provides money for the summer reading program. 
  Nella’s Nursing Home – We give to the patients through visits and sharing with the residents.   
  Cellular One – Provides money during the school year to help with needed resources.  Provides for individual school and PTO related activities.

7. Summer Reading Program

Each summer, the children are challenged to win a prize by reading books.   This past summer, the goal for the students was 5,000 books.  If the students made this goal, Mr. Band would be duct taped to the wall.  The students read 6,650 books. Each student that read at least one book received a certificate. Each student that read 10 or more books received a prize. The top reader per classroom received a prize.  The top reader per grade received $20.00 in cash.  The top reader in the school received a $50.00 savings bond. Wendy’s sponsors this summer reading program.

We do many exciting things at Third Ward Elementary School.  Our goal is to make learning fun and exciting.  We want each child to develop needed skills in a positive environment. 

Please take time to look over the other information on this web site.  I think that you will find it interesting. 


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Barry S. Band, Principal


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