7th Grade: Pre-Algebra/Geometry
8th Grade: Pre-Geometry/Algebra
9th Grade: Algebra I
10th Grade: Geometry
11th Grade: Algebra II
12th Grade: Pre-Calculus

Instructor: Mr. John Hart

Business Education

7th Grade: Basic Keyboarding
8th Grade: Keyboarding and Info Processing
10th--12th Grades: Introduction to Business and Marketing
11th & 12th Grades: Document Processing, Dual Credit
11th-12th Grades: Computer Op. I & II
10th-12th Grades: Desktop Publishing

Instructor: Mr. Elwood Sites II


7th Grade: Language Arts
8th Grade: Language Arts
8th Grade: English
10th Grade: English
11th Grade: English
9th-11th-12th Grades: Drama

Instructor: Ms. Judy Harman

7th Grade: English
9th Grade: English
9th Grade: Expository Writing
10th Grade: Intro to Majors
10th-11th-12th Grades: Driver's Ed. Study Hall
12th Grade: English

Instructor: Ms. Suzie Mullennex


7th Grade: World Geography
8th Grade: West Virginia History
9th Grade: World History/Civics
10th Grade: United States History I
11th Grade: United States History II
11th-12th Grades: Sociology

Instructor:  Mr. Rocky Nestor


7th Grade: Science
8th Grade: Science
9th Grade: Science
10th Grade: Science
11th-12th Grades: Biology
12th Grade: Chemistry

Instructor: Mr. Chris Wyatt

Health/Physical Education

K-6th Grades: Physical Education
7th-8th Grades: Health/Physical Education
9th Grade: Health
10th Grade: Physical Education

Instructor: Mrs. Betsy Webb

Agriculture Education

9th Grade: Agriculture Education I
10th Grade: Agriculture Education II
11th-12th Grades: Forestry I & II
11th-12th Grades: Landscape Designs/Installation
11th-12th Grades: Environmental Technology
11th-12th Grades: Agriculture Education III & IV
11th-12th Grades: Wildlife & Natural Resources Mgt.
11th-12th Grades: Agricultural Mechanics

Instructor: Mr. Donley Teter

Driver's Education

10th-11th-12th Grades: Driver's Education

Instructor: Mr. Ted Williams

Special Education

7th-12th Grades: Special Education

Instructor: Mrs. Billie Bonnett


K-6th Grades: Art
7th-8th Grades: Art
9th Grades: Art I
10th-11th-12th Grades: Art II

Instructor: Mrs. Kathy Madden


K-8th Grades: Music
5th Grade: Beginning Band
6th-12th Grades: Band

Instructor: Mrs. Danielle Taylor


8th and  9th Grades: Spanish I
11th-12th Grades: Spanish II
10-12th Grades: Psychology

Instructor:  Mr. Donald Johnson

Harman's Curriculum also includes Kindergarten-6th Grades

Grades and Instructors

Kindergarten Sandy Ketterman
1st Grade Carol Teter
2nd Grade Pam Mullennex
3rd Grade Mandy Dearborn
4th Grade Angie Vance
5th Grade Patty Teter
6th Grade Kelly Vandevander
Title I Lynn Wohleber
Special Education Anita Talbott

Song:Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden

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