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New Health Care Facility Opening In September In ShepherdstownExternal Link
Residents and university students in Shepherdstown will have access to a new health care facility starting next month. WVU Medicine East announced this week that its new medical office building is expected to open mid-September.
Fri, 14 Aug 2020 20:20:04 +0000
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‘Birds Can Teach Us’: A 20-Year-Old Falconer On What It Takes To Hunt With RaptorsExternal Link
On his family’s farm in Randolph County, W.Va. 20-year-old Collin Waybright has a hobby that’s very different from streaming TV shows or playing video games. Waybright is one of the state’s youngest falconers. To be a falconer, you have to love birds and Waybright fits the bill. “They all have different flight styles. And it's amazing,” Waybright said. “They're just so effortless. They can just soar on thermals. And whenever it gets a little windy, they just kind of tuck their wings back a little bit and go into it.”
Fri, 14 Aug 2020 20:05:45 +0000
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Save The Forest, Get Paid: This Appalachian Farming Initiative Shows People HowExternal Link
Ginseng, Goldenseal, Cohosh, Bloodroot, Ramps – all plants native to Appalachia and all appreciated around the world for their medicinal and culinary properties. In West Virginia and other parts of Appalachia, these plants have been harvested in the wild for generations. But over harvesting of these slow growing plants could diminish wild populations. The West Virginia Forest Farming Initiative takes a different approach. The program teaches residents how to raise botanicals on their own forested land for a source of income and as a way to preserve the forests. And for the folks involved, it’s doing way more than preserving plants.
Fri, 14 Aug 2020 19:26:59 +0000
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Forest Farming, Falcons and Frozen Fungus Ice Cream? We Got It All Inside AppalachiaExternal Link
The natural world can be a source of food and medicine along with a place to escape and unwind. There are people who know plants like they’re old friends, complete with stories and histories. These experts can also help guide us to recognize how plants can even help us in times of need. We’ll hear stories about tapping into the natural world, from a recipe that uses chanterelle mushrooms to make ice cream, to the sport of falconry (the oldest form of hunting), to a new initiative that teaches people how to raise native plants- like ginseng, cohosh and wild ramps on their own forested land as a source of income and as a way to preserve the forests.
Fri, 14 Aug 2020 19:20:00 +0000
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Transparency, Environmental Concerns Surround Proposal To Barge Oil And Gas Waste On The Ohio River External Link
A proposal to repurpose a docking facility near Marietta, Ohio, to allow for the barging of oil and gas drilling waste on the Ohio River is drawing concern from environmental groups and local residents.
Fri, 14 Aug 2020 18:44:40 +0000
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